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The Fundamentals

Book 1 in The Fundamentals Universe

Troy Williams

271 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0981967554

A stranded alien must choose between returning his queen to their home world, or saving his human daughter from the invasion that will result.

Explorer Bridge allows humanity to travel the distance between stars in the blink of an eye, but few know the actual price of its development. Stranded in our solar system and fearful of humanity, a secretive alien species, the orhatea, slammed an asteroid into Earth to manipulate humanity with a savior figure. Now that Explorer Bridge is complete, the orhatea can go home, but one of them has other plans.

Tenakee has studied the Book of Engaro since she was a hatchling. She recognized the humans as seed for the orhatea’s next evolutionary jump, but the others did not believe her. As the crews only female capable of creating telepathically controlled human clones, she used them to gather allies in Explorer Corporation. Now, with her transformation to Engaro complete, nothing can stop her from leading the orhatea to their destiny.

Earah has spent two human lifetimes working to return Amah to their home world. When he wakes as the human, Earl Clark, for the third time he feels betrayed. As prince to the orhatea queen and mother he has been loyal to her plans, even the one that left them stranded in Earth’s solar system. When Amah confirms that Explorer Bridge is functioning he knows he should be on Ora, but Earl’s memories haunt his vision, forcing him to choose between his alien heritage and his human family.

Erin Smart was comfortable with her special place in the Universe: The human daughter of a stranded alien. She assumed that when Explorer Bridge was complete, she would go with her father to his home world, but he died before they could make the trip. She was just getting comfortable as a leading member of the First Expedition Crossing when Earl Clark, her dead father, called looking for help. Now she must question everything she took for granted.

Focus Taijiquan

A Study of the Taijiquan Classics

Troy Williams

228 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0981967530

This book shares methods for learning and practicing the mindfulness martial art of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).

In the late 19th century Wu, Yu-Xiang reportedly found written material that described Taijiquan practice. Wu and his nephew Li, I-Yu, added these works to their own collection of writings on the art. Taken together, these writings are considered the Taijiquan Canon or Classics.

This book presents three of the classic texts as a handbook for your training. Each verse from these legendary texts is examined for meaning, explained in its cosmological context, and—where possible—related to a physical exercise. After a firm foundation is established through the classic texts, the long form of Sun Style Taijiquan is presented.

While I practice Sun Style Taijiquan, the foundational exercises presented with the classic texts are excellent training aids for any style of Taijiquan. These exercises study functional alignment, breathing and stepping techniques, finding balance, and creating the focused, meditative, mind required for a long-term commitment to Taijiquan practice.

This is a pragmatic approach to Taijiquan practice that varies from traditional methods of teaching the art. Many of the exercises described in this book come from the various family styles of Taijiquan but are presented as a cohesive whole. Additional isometric exercises reinforce key verses from the Taijiquan Classics.

Most students abandon the supplemental exercises once the long form is learned. This book encourages you to continue with the supplemental practice routines by highlighting their importance in the classic texts. The hope is that this method of practice will keep you engaged with these supplemental exercises, and provide a framework for your further study.

Earth Dragon Canon

Walking, Martial Arts, and Self-Evolution

Troy Williams

252 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0981967523

“This is the only book on the subject that is easy to follow.” D. Gold

This book describes functional practices for the Chinese internal martial art known as Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm). Martial art practice is more than the study of physical movement.

This book introduces Bagua and Chinese medicine theories in their historical context. A series of standing and floor exercises stress good internal martial art practice before introducing the circle walking practice of Baguazhang.

Three “Stepping” patterns and eight “Standing Palms” prepare you for the ten classical postures of Sun Style Baguazhang.

Advance students will find my unique Internal Power exercise routine that developed from my personal journey with the internal martial arts. With so much material at your disposal, I encourage you to develop your own practice routines and remain engaged in a life long journey of self evolution.

“Nice work, the most coherent I have seen in English.” J.P. Hayes