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Chapters in Serial Order

A Turn of Harvest

The Colony needed a new Queen if it was going to survive. Arita had a plan, but instead of becoming Amah, she is running for her life.

Fishing Bird

Nic of Tar’s cybernetic implants let him do anything he wants, and all he wants is to spend a quiet day fishing with his bugbear bodyguard. Not. Going. To Happen.


Wartooth is a genetically modified killing machine with a sacred mission to reclaim his world from the aliens polluting his species.
Book 1 The Fundamentals Universe

A Metamorphisis Story Unlike Any Other

The Fundamentals Book 1


Nic of Tar feels the weight of his heritage and fears he will lose it all to the bugbear Wartooth and the Tianshen’s hunger for war.

The Daisen

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Ignoring lessons of lives lost on the generational ship Daisen and fueled by pride and the unexpected attack on Wanshi, the Tianshen are demanding war!

Spider Beast

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Arita’s deadly fight for survival with a horrifying new creature as she struggles to escape the treacherous Engaro cult.


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Wartooth celebrates his victory and solidifies his power in the newly formed Mada when an event from legend changes everything.