The Ettercap are drones cloned by the engaro to become spider like beasts

Spider Beast

Arita’s deadly fight for survival with a horrifying new creature as she struggles to escape the treacherous Engaro cult.
Interior of the tansoon generational ship Daisen

The Daisen

Ignoring lessons of lives lost on the generational ship Daisen and fueled by pride and the unexpected attack on Wanshi, the Tianshen are demanding war!


Nic of Tar feels the weight of his heritage and fears he will lose it all to the bugbear Wartooth and the Tianshen’s hunger for war.


Billion-dollar smartphone applications don’t hold a candle to classical Buddhist mantras when it comes to challenging the mind to Keep Calm and Be Still.

Keep Calm and Spend Money

The Walking Dead Featured Posture
In March 2020, America changed. The cook, the waitress, the hairdresser, the janitor, and even the bartender vanished overnight. Apocalyptic sci-fi seemed ve…

Lockdown and The Walking Dead

Cleaning the Capitol Building after the January 6, 2021 Insurrection
Warning bells about a minority right wing power grab have been sounding for years. With Trump’s impeachment behind us, it is time for reflection.

Mellowed links and The Vote

In COVID-19 and the events of 2020 I found new meaning, lessons, and importance in my favorite real-life adventure story.

Endurance and The Coronavirus

America was born with the twin infections of greed and slavery, but its founders embraced intellectualism and science. The new infection of anti-intellectual…

Smoking and January 6, 2021

The Explorers adds two new species to The Fundamentals Universe. That means two new cultures with unique languages and backgrounds. Even I need a reference t…

A New Glossary

A science fiction hiberation pod
Galaxy crossing science fiction space operas are pure fantasy. Sure, we call them science fiction because they have spaceships and plasma rifles, but there i…

Putting an End to Hibernation in Sci-Fi

two covid vials on pink surface
After finishing my first episode of TWiV, I realized that I needed a refresher course on viruses. I want to know the basics, without taking biology again. Yo…

The Single Best What is a Virus Video

Serial Science Fiction

More to

The following short story was not cut from The Fundamentals, but it is missing. This is Keith’s and Erin’s first meeting told from Keith’s point of view. When editing the final version of The Funda…
The Living Fire, Orahi in space
A fire consumed the ship. A fire that burned like fire on Earth. It billowed black and white smoke that stretched up, or at least away, from the ship. Tongues of orange and black flame whipped arou…
Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Other cultures have harvest celebrations, but the tone of an American Thanksgiving is unique to history. I drafted this essay after the September 11 terrorist …
Shuttle launch from the New Mexico launch tower.
“EC Whores!” A yell from the darkness behind the stage. A man covered in black clothes and a ski mask ran on stage. A narrow beam of red shot from his hand. It cut up and across the man who won the…
Ryan Jameson's The Terra Channel Logo
The captain took Viper by his central pole and pushed him out of the way. “I get enough geekery on my ship,” she said. “But I will give you a sit-down, exclusive of the other EC One reporters when …

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