• Science Fiction Landscape
    The Fundamentals Universe is Pulp Fiction for the Internet Age

    New Science Fiction

    Follow me as I write The Explorers, the next book in The Fundamentals Universe. Serial Sci-Fi for the Internet Age.

  • Cover Image for The Fundamentals
    Book 1 The Fundamentals Universe

    The Fundamentals

    A stranded alien must choose between returning his queen to their home world, or saving his human daughter from the invasion that will result.

  • Mindfulness Martial Arts
    The Earth Dragon Canon Method

    Mindfulness Martial Art Practice

    The Earth Dragon Canon Method of mindfulness martial art practice teaches the functional practices for the internal martial arts. of baguazhang, taijiquan, xingyiquan, and yiquan.

Dapper Genius

late Middle English: probably from a Middle Low German or Middle Dutch word meaning ‘strong, stout’.

late Middle English: from Latin, ‘attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination’

Serial Science Fiction

A brutal conflict, and an unexpected return, forces a trapped group of explorers into actions that will reshape the galaxy.

The Explorers
Serial Sci-Fi



Fishing Bird

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Self Evolution

A New Glossary

Sometimes the tool comes to you. WordPress is a robust platform, but it has a few quirks that get under the skin of experienced coders. E…
A science fiction hiberation podA science fiction hiberation pod

Putting an End to Hibernation in Sci-Fi

Galaxy crossing science fiction space operas are pure fantasy. Sure, we call them science fiction because they have spaceships and plasma…
The Walking Dead in 2020The Walking Dead in 2020

The Walking Dead

“White trash wet dream,” I said to a friend after I started the first season of The Walking Dead. He didn’t get it. Most don’t because t…

The Single Best What is a Virus Video

After finishing my first episode of TWiV, I realized that I needed a refresher course on viruses. I want to know the basics, without taki…

Theme in a Brave New World of Coronavirus

I try not to think about theme when I am writing. Falling in that pit is the quickest way to lose a story. In a literature class you wer…

Bedtime stories in the age of COVID: An Introduction to TWIV

This Week in Virology. The podcast about viruses. The kind that make you sick. A refrain I hear more than once a week since I started li…

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