Endurance and The Coronavirus

With 2020 behind us I thought it important to start my YouTube Channel with Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage. In the age of COVID-19 and SARS-Covi-2 the fact that everyone on the Endurance survived, is important.

Smoking and January 6, 2021

The Republican insurrectionist party had a chance to stop January 6, 2021 on February 5, 2020. When they voted to acquit of Donald J. Trump of trying to rig the election. They blew smoke in America’s face rather than stand bravely behind their oaths and defend the Constitution.

A New Glossary

Sometimes the tool comes to you. WordPress is a robust platform, but it has a few quirks that get under the skin of experienced coders. Everything is a post is a fine model, but after seventeen years you should be able to display those posts in dynamic ways. Sure there are plugins, but WordPress …
A science fiction hiberation pod

Putting an End to Hibernation in Sci-Fi

Galaxy crossing science fiction space operas are pure fantasy. Sure, we call them science fiction because they have spaceships and plasma rifles, but there is little science in even the most hard sci-fi stories. The term “hard science fiction” is rather new. When Arthur C. Clarke was writing his …
The Walking Dead in 2020

The Walking Dead

“White trash wet dream,” I said to a friend after I started the first season of The Walking Dead. He didn’t get it. Most don’t because themes of post-apocalyptic science fiction are deeper than you assume. Science fiction, though strictly made up, has true things to say about the world. The situ…
two covid vials on pink surface

The Single Best What is a Virus Video

After finishing my first episode of TWiV, I realized that I needed a refresher course on viruses. I want to know the basics, without taking biology again. YouTube is both a cesspool, a library, and my first stop when researching a subject. I have learned to look for older videos YouTube Creators …

Theme in a Brave New World of Coronavirus

I try not to think about theme when I am writing. Falling in that pit is the quickest way to lose a story. In a literature class you were told that theme is what the author is trying to convey, a central idea or meaning to the story. In rare exceptions, that might be true. In truth, authors have…

Bedtime stories in the age of COVID: An Introduction to TWIV

This Week in Virology. The podcast about viruses. The kind that make you sick. A refrain I hear more than once a week since I started listening to this excellent podcast all about the coronavirus. No. That’s not right. This podcast is all about viruses; the kind that make you sick. In late Ma…

The Fundamentals

HG Wells The War of the Worlds introduced Earth to alien invasions. But nothing has prepared humanity for an eusocial, space adapted, species that can clone anything with DNA. The Fundamentals Universe starts here.

The Fundamentals Universe

More to

The following short story was not cut from The Fundamentals, but it is missing. This is Keith’s and Erin’s first meeting told from Keith’s point of view. When editing the final version of The Fundamentals I found that I had a few chapters told from minor character viewpoints. That was important …
The Living Fire, Orahi in space
A fire consumed the ship. A fire that burned like fire on Earth. It billowed black and white smoke that stretched up, or at least away, from the ship. Tongues of orange and black flame whipped around as if caught in a strong wind, but when they stretched away from the ship they didn’t extinguish …
Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Other cultures have harvest celebrations, but the tone of an American Thanksgiving is unique to history. I drafted this essay after the September 11 terrorist attack, while the Iraq war was still young, and the Afghanistan conflict had failed to capture or ki…
Special Correspondents Lottery Ticket
When he found his dead parents, he had wished that he had been there earlier. He wished that he would have skipped school that day, would have come home earlier, not spent that extra five minutes flirting with the girls in homeroom. Ever since that day, he felt like he was just missing out, just…
Ryan Jameson's The Terra Channel Logo
Emily smacked her lips, fresh lipstick, an invitation to something that had to wait. Ryan groaned. They shouldn’t have done that, but at that moment he was glad they did. He thought that Emily would leave Kitty and she would come back to Austin. Now, he knew otherwise. He snatched the bag of spac…

Focus Taijiquan

A Study of the Tai Chi Classics

Focus Taijiquan presents the classic Taijiquan Canon as a handbook for your training. The author examines each verse from the legendary texts for meaning, explains the verse in its cosmological context, and—where possible—relates it to a physical exercise. After establishing a firm foundation through these exercises, the author presents the long form of Sun Style Taijiquan for your daily practice.

Focus Taijiquan

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