Troy Williams

Troy Williams is a lifelong technology and science fiction nerd. He leveraged ten years of management experience into a fifteen-year software development career. Combined he has thirty years of experience managing projects as small as an individual’s website to large enterprise integrations. As a Senior Technical Analyst for Cargill his dedication to modern and pragmatic solutions won him local and global recognition for his leadership skills. As a developer at Howerton + White he applied his extensive experience at working with limited skill sets to modernize H+W’s custom content management solution.

Troy has practiced the internal martial arts of Taijiquan and Baguazhang for a quarter century. His focus is on personal development and health. Troy has authored two books on the subject: Earth Dragon Canon: Walking, Martial Arts, and Self-Evolution and Focus Taijiquan: A Study of the Taijiquan Classics.

The Fundamentals, is his first work of science fiction and he plans many more stories in the future.

For more on Troy’s professional career see his LinkedIn profile.

For his published work see his Amazon Author’s Page.

When you focus, it is easy to excel.

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