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Published The Fundamentals

A stranded alien must choose between returning his queen to their home world, or saving his human daughter from the invasion that will result.

Writing Science Fiction has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I tried many times, but responsibilities, divorce, and households emptied of joy marred my attempts to find the independence I needed to become a writer. American culture is fertile ground for such stories. My story spans thirty years before I sat down to finish my fist science fiction novel.

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2009 / Present

Web Designer, Developer

In my web development career I have proven to be a leader that helps organizations succeed in a competitive marketplace. I have adapted in a rapidly changing marketplace to successfully manage small and large teams.


Technical lead and software architect on a wide range of projects. I rolled a JavaScript framework when the original Angular was challenging for established browsers. It Leveraged an ES5 syntax, Require.js, and jQuery’s selector engine to reduce our development time. It made bug hunting a breeze and converted to the modern ES6 syntax. It looked a lot like Vue.js does today.

Throughout my career, I delivered projects on time and on budget while seeking constant improvement in processes and tools. I understand the importance of customer care after delivering the product, and my experience as a manager and team leader made me comfortable dealing with individuals at many levels in an organization.

In addition, to delivering projects I developed teams with hands on training and inspired senior executives to embrace new technology.

  • Software Architect

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