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Spider Beast

The Ettercap are drones cloned by the engaro to become spider like beasts

Arita swallowed. She sucked in arotea until her stomach ached. She needed the strength. When she surfaced, her fluids sank.

The arotea chamber was not full. A lifetime of eating should have filled it with the life source of the orhatea. She treaded the amber colored liquid to stay afloat. She was as comfortable in it as she was in space.

From this chamber, she could run to the space dock, steal a ship, and escape to Tojisoon. The first step to a successful escape was reconnaissance. She needed to know more of Karey’s plans, so she entered the mental landscape. No point in hiding. Karey knew where she was.

Anglee sent nonsense about using Ettercap to guard the docks.

Karey sent an urgent command. All ships in orbit are to stay in orbit until we have dealt with a traitor.

Anglee sent a command to the Tamo in her limited range. Capture Arita and bring her to the Amah’s chamber.

The bond between Tomo and Tamo is sacred. Arita sent in response. Tamo, obey your Tomo. The gray stone of the Comptroller has no authority over you.

Follow her! Karey flared at her Tomo guard. She went through the Arotea Ting so can you!

Screams of pain and warning flashed through the mental landscape.

Chapter Five, The Explorers

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