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Circle Walking Practice

The Standing Palms of Baguazhang

Here is the Standing Palms of Eight Trigram Palm. These are fixed upper body postures held while walking the circle. They are the core of Baguazhang practice.

You can follow the Lesson Plan or choose a few palms to practice each day. Presenting these lessons through the web allows you to develop your own rhythm without artificial limits or structure.

Lesson Plan

Walking the Circle in Pushing Millstone Palm Featured Image

Walking The Circle in Baguazhang

By taking your standing practice from Wuji Posture through Trinity Posture, with the supplemental exercises, you are well on your way to understanding the whole body connection that makes practicing mindfulness martial arts worthwhile. For Baguazhang practice, the next critical component is walking.
The Standing Palms of Baguazhang

Traditional Baguazhang Walking Methods

Chapter Fifteen of the Dao De Jing tells us all we need to know about our Baguazhang stepping practice. We are to be as careful as crossing an ice covered stream.
The Standing Palms of Baguazhang

Introduction to the Mother Palms of Baguazhang

Walking the circle in the fixed Mother Palms is a serious exercise program. It will stretch and strengthen your torso, improve your balance, and invigorate you.
Lowering Palm Featured Image

The Lowering Palm of Baguazhang

Being able to hold the upper body in a fixed position while your feet maneuver under you is a significant advantage, and one that we engage in without thinking.
Pushing Palm Featured Image

The Pushing Palm of Baguazhang

By twisting the arms in the pushing palm posture, you engage the muscles along their entire length and encouraging interactions with supporting muscles.
Holding the Fruit Palm Featured Image

Holding The Fruit Palm of Baguazhang

The Monkey King is an important hero of Chinese Mythology. The name of this palm from Monkey stealing the Peach of Immortality from Heaven.
Supporting Palm Featured Image

Supporting Palm of Baguazhang

In some schools, the only Mother Palm practice is the Supporting Palm. Holding your arms extended from the body while you walk can be challenging.
Rolling the Ball Palm Featured Image

Rolling The Ball Palm of Baguazhang

Rolling the Ball Palm is an excellent exercise for your torso. It is also the first posture that requires you to change hand positions as you perform the Simple Change.
Holding the Spear Palm Featured Image

Holding The Spear Palm of Baguazhang

The Simple Change of direction becomes more complex as we progress to Holding the Spear Palm. Moving the hands with the footwork change is important.
Sky and Ground Palm Featured Image

Sky and Ground Palm of Baguazhang

The added complexity of twisting the arms in opposite directions makes Sky and Ground palm a challenging Mother Palm in baguazhang practice.
Pushing Millstone Palm Featured Image

Pushing Millstone Palm of Baguazhang

The Pushing Millstone Palm is the most important posture in your baguazhang practice. You should add this standing posture to your daily standing meditations.