Short Stories

Some scenes don’t make the last cut, but I find stories in the scraps. Complete your experience of The Fundamentals Universe with selected shorts, or get an inside look at my story development process when I re-post early drafts that found the cutting room floor.


Sometimes blog posts bloom into essays that develop unexpected themes and have relevance beyond the moment.

Short Stories


Unexpected Gems

Stories & Essays

Keith Hobson Meets Erin Smart – Keith’s View

| Troy Williams |
The following short story was not cut from The Fundamentals, but it is missing. This is Keith’s and Erin’s first meeting told from Keith’s point of view. When editing the final version of The Fund…


| Troy Williams |
A fire consumed the ship. A fire that burned like fire on Earth. It billowed black and white smoke that stretched up, or at least away, from the ship. Tongues of orange and black flame whipped arou…

Mother’s Thanksgiving

| Troy Williams |
Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Other cultures have harvest celebrations, but the tone of an American Thanksgiving is unique to history. I drafted this essay after the September 11 terrorist …

Special Correspondents Lottery: Conclusion

| Troy Williams |
When he found his dead parents, he had wished that he had been there earlier. He wished that he would have skipped school that day, would have come home earlier, not spent that extra five minutes …

Special Correspondents Lottery: Part 4

| Troy Williams |
Emily smacked her lips, fresh lipstick, an invitation to something that had to wait. Ryan groaned. They shouldn’t have done that, but at that moment he was glad they did. He thought that Emily woul…

Serial Science Fiction

The first work of serial fiction was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, published in 1844. The tradition continues with my serial Sci-Fi from The Fundamentals Universe

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