The Fundamentals Universe

Science Fiction

The Ettercap are drones cloned by the engaro to become spider like beasts

Spider Beast

Conflict between Tira was unprecedented. Without an Amah, the Tira governed with consent. Astral figures on the mental landscape wavered between remaining and vanishing for the safety of dark places. Arita needed to use this moment to gain allies.
Interior of the tansoon generational ship Daisen

The Daisen

The green linen sheet flew off Nic of Tar. He shot off his bed, naked, but ready for a fight. A thought reconfigured his reflexes for optimal reaction times, another thought improved his field of vision to three-hundred degrees. No one was in the room. He looked out the open window to check branches below and above his bedroom. His stomach turned from vertigo created by the fisheye effect of his augmentation. He canceled the enhancement an…


The chill Nic felt was not from the chilly wind drying his soaked clothes. His personal augmentations were regulating his body temperature against that chill. He was upset at himself for using the implant in Wad’s brain to restrain his friend. They had not spoken of it on the walk back to the camping wagon, but the sudden glow of the wagon’s lights made Nic feel exposed to his betrayal. He wanted to apologize again. Wad had more important tho…
Towers in The Raka city of Mada


Raksha protected his people at the Bay of Mada. Over millennia the valley had become a city, and the bay a port for sailing ships. In an earlier time, when ice covered the plains of Umaavadan, the rakshoon took refuge at Mada. The mountains surrounding the valley trapped warm moist air rising from NamaUd and made the Kishkha a time to forget old rivalries, study old texts, and share stories of Raksha’s cleverness. Wartooth had been here befor…

Fishing Bird

Nic of Tar inhaled the rich, earthy aromas of the mountain’s páramo. The breeze had changed direction, earlier it carried the crisp smell of saltwater. Augmentations in his nasal cavity analyzed the air sample for pollen counts and trace chemicals. A window with the results opened at the corner of his vision. The dramatic fall in pollen from yesterday indicated the freeze was early today. This planet, Tojisoon, had a single ice covered con…
A close image of Arotea the food of The Fundamentals

A Turn of Harvest

Arita’s fluids quickened as she approached the Amah’s chamber. Orhatea were good at hiding, Tomo were masters of it. The beat her temperature increased, her obsidian shell compensated, covering her temperature spike, masking her presence to the motion sensors hidden in the floor and ceiling. A narrowing of light along the walls indicated recording devices. Most would not have noticed it, but Arita had trained for infiltration and assassina…

Essays and Shorts

Short Stories

Keith Hobson Meets Erin Smart – Keith’s View

The following short story was not cut from The Fundamentals, but it is missing. This is Keith’s and Erin’s first meeting told from Keith’s point of view. When editing the final version of The Fundamentals I found that I had a few chapters told from minor character viewpoints. That was important for me to understand the story; I had to get inside their heads, but it was not important to telling the story. The result was that below scene was alt…
The Living Fire, Orahi in space


A fire consumed the ship. A fire that burned like fire on Earth. It billowed black and white smoke that stretched up, or at least away, from the ship. Tongues of orange and black flame whipped around as if caught in a strong wind, but when they stretched away from the ship they didn’t extinguish from lack of atmosphere, they bent in, clawed downward like hands to grab the Santa Maria’s hull. It looked as though the fire was eating the Santa Ma…

Mother’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Other cultures have harvest celebrations, but the tone of an American Thanksgiving is unique to history. I drafted this essay after the September 11 terrorist attack, while the Iraq war was still young, and the Afghanistan conflict had failed to capture or kill the 911 masterminds. I meant to publish it once, on my blog, then took it down when the theme felt tired. I have edited this work for exposition…
Shuttle launch from the New Mexico launch tower.

Special Correspondents Lottery: Conclusion

“EC Whores!” A yell from the darkness behind the stage. A man covered in black clothes and a ski mask ran on stage. A narrow beam of red shot from his hand. It cut up and across the man who won the lottery. The man’s mouth fell open, then the top of him, above his waist, slid on the slope that was the bottom of him to the floor. Blood sprayed over Kitty’s dress and Keith’s suit.
Ryan Jameson's The Terra Channel Logo

Special Correspondents Lottery: Part 4

The captain took Viper by his central pole and pushed him out of the way. “I get enough geekery on my ship,” she said. “But I will give you a sit-down, exclusive of the other EC One reporters when the Santa Maria is underway.” “I am not with EC One, Captain. I am with The Terra Channel, and I doubt I will be on the Santa Maria.”

Special Correspondents Lottery: Part 3

He had just started The Terra Channel and was wandering through a late-night crowd on Sixth Street when Kitty danced into him, grinding her hips into his. His attraction to her was immediate, and not from the hip grinding. She was as tall as he, and she knew him from the moment she touched him. She ordered sodas when she drug him to the bar and dispatched a dealer that approached her for some high times. He learned later that she noticed him w…


The Walking Dead Featured Posture

Lockdown and The Walking Dead

Zombies are not my thing. As a child, I avoided the undead in my Dungeons & Dragons world for power-hungry humans, elves, or orcs. Evil is not mindless and faceless. It does not rise from the dead, but forms in the living. Because zombies do not interest me, I have not read The Walking De…
Cleaning the Capitol Building after the January 6, 2021 Insurrection

Mellowed links and The Vote

With the impeachment of Donald J. Trump behind us, it is time for reflection on the events of the last month. The impeachment vote of February 13, 2021, was a powerful reminder that American’s want change. Fifty-seven Senators, a clear majority, voted to convict Donald Trump.

Endurance and The Coronavirus

With 2020 behind us I thought it important to start my YouTube Channel with Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage. In the age of COVID-19 and SARS-Covi-2 the fact that everyone on the Endurance survived, is important.

Martial Arts

Signpost to practice and learning

Martial Arts in Anger

In my software development career, in anger was a phrase that meant you were developing a program or a process out of frustration with what was available. I share my mindfulness martial art practice out of a similar frustration. The trend in martial art practice is to stress combat effectiven…
Pinyin is the standard


The Pinyin system is the accepted standard for the romanization of Chinese characters. Pinyin means spell sound and is used to teach the standard pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese. It is also the standard system for entering Chinese characters on computers. Because of this standardization, it is …
A page from the dictionary defining definition


Vocabulary is the foundation to understanding a subject. Martial art practice is filled with words that have similar meaning or are used interchangeably. When forced to put my practice into writing I discovered that in a single paragraph I would skip between form and posture in the same descript…

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