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Hip Lift featured image.

Hip Lift

Emblem for the Earth Method of Internal Martial Art Practice

How to Perform the Posture

When I learned my left leg was one centimeter shorter than my right, the physical therapist recommended this exercise as one way to reengage the hip joint. In mindfulness martial arts, this exercise reminds us we generate power from the feet and transfer it to the torso, before expressing it in the hands.

Lie on your back in proper Wuji Posture alignment, but extend your arms to the sides with your palms facing down. Pull the left foot up so it is opposite the right knee. Keep the sole of the left foot flat on the floor.

Hip Lift preparation posture.

Push down through the left foot so the left hip and side rise off the floor. This will cause you to twist to the right, but let your right shoulder and arm stop you from rolling over. Hold the position for one minute.

Hip Lift engaged on the left side.

When you finish, straighten the left leg and repeat the exercise on the right side by placing the right foot next to the left knee.

Right foot preparation for a Hip Lift.

Press against the floor to the lift the right hip, while the left side remains relaxed.

Hip Lift with the right side engaged.

The key to doing this exercise correctly is keeping the knee of the bent leg pointing straight up, while relaxing the opposite side of the body.

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