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Foot Circles

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The Earth Dragon Canon methods are something I created through years of practice, meditation, and consultation.

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How to Perform the Posture

Walking heel-to-toe seems natural enough, but that old enemy of sitting too much can really interfere with your ability to put one foot in front of the other. What usually happens, is that one foot kicks out to the side and lands slightly on one side of the foot or the other. You will recognize this when one shoe wears excessively on one side. There are many exercise programs that will improve your gait, and I encourage you to explore those.

Foot circles are a staple of many exercise programs. I do mine lying on the floor.

Lie down on your back with your feet hip width apart and your toes pointing to the ceiling. Raise the left leg up and bend it at the knee. Hold the leg in position with both hands. The position is like the Bear Posture, with one leg raised.

Foot Circles witht the left foot.

Turn the left foot in circles, first counterclockwise, and then clockwise. Do 30 repetitions in each direction.

When you have finished with the left foot, put the left leg down, and raise the right leg into the same position. Do 30 Foot Circles in each direction with the right foot before stopping.

Foot Circles witht the right foot.

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