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Finger Exercise

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How to Perform the Posture

You use your hands all day, yet pay little attention to what they are doing. Studies that map parts of the human body to brain function draw pictures of the body that represent the relative size of each body part to brain function. These pictures show the hands huge compared to the rest of the body, with one hand being larger than the other.

Bringing your hands into your conscious awareness is the point of this exercise.

Lie down in the Bear Posture and close your eyes, raise your hands and support them with your elbows, which are lying flat on the floor. Keep your eyes closed and slide the fingers of both hands together, letting them interlock in a natural position. Now, move the hands back and forth so the fingers of each hand are gliding against each other. Be attentive to how this feels.

Take the forefinger of one hand and rub it along each finger of the other hand.

Finger Exercise in the Bear Posture.

Repeat with the opposite hand.

Rub the fingers of one hand along the palm and back of the other. Repeat with the other hand.

Finger Exercise against the back of the palm.

As you perform these exercises, think only of your hands. Do not let your thoughts wander to other feelings or concerns of the day. If your thoughts wander, bring your focus back to your hands.

Did you use your primary hand to start the forefinger exercise? Try the exercise again, but start with your secondary hand. Is it harder or easier to remain focused on your hands?

This exercise brings awareness to both hands. It is very much like meditation, but you have a physical activity that is the focus of your attention, not unlike mindfulness martial art practice.

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