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Focus Taijquan A Study of the Taijiquan Classics book cover

Focus Taijiquan shares methods for learning and practicing Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).

The author leverages his quarter-century of experience to share three of the classic texts written or discovered by Wu Yu-Xiang in the late 19th century.

Focus Taijiquan presents the classic Taijiquan Canon as a handbook for your training. The author examines each verse from the legendary texts for meaning, explains the verse in its cosmological context, and—where possible—relates it to a physical exercise. After establishing a firm foundation through these exercises, the author presents the long form of Sun Style Taijiquan for your daily practice.

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“This is the only book on the subject that is easy to follow.” D. Gold

 Earth Dragon Canon — Walking, Martial Arts, and Self Evolution describes functional practices for the Chinese internal martial art known as Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm). Martial art practice is more than the study of physical movement. This book introduces Bagua and Chinese medicine theories in their historical context. A series of standing and floor exercises stress good internal martial art practice before introducing the circle walking practice of Baguazhang. Three “Stepping” patterns and eight “Standing Palms” prepare you for the ten classical postures of Sun Style Baguazhang. Advance students will find my unique Internal Power exercise routine that developed from my personal journey with the internal martial arts. With so much material at your disposal, I encourage you to develop your own practice routines and remain engaged in a lifelong journey of self-evolution.

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