Earth Dragon Canon Method

Of Mindfulness Martial Arts

The Earth Dragon Canon Method of mindfulness practice teaches the functional practices for the internal martial arts of circle walking, tai chi, five elements fist, and standing meditation.

You will learn the history of these arts, and how to apply them for meditation, mindfulness, and physical fitness.

Dragon Method


The Dragon Component includes the traditional styles, forms, and practices from the internal martial arts. This instruction emphasizes form over function. The Earth Dragon Canon Method is not for violence. If you are looking for fighter or boxing instruction, you need to look elsewhere.

Below are links to each of the primary Dragon Sections. Each Section covers a complete style with all of its forms, postures, and practice methods. Within each section, you will find links to the lessons you should cover before coming to these lessons. And within each lesson you will find links to the supplemental exercises (Earth Method), and cosmological concepts (Canon Method) linked to the lesson.

This is your study, so the course is broken down into parts for you to study at your pace. Focus on one lesson, its associated Earth and Canon lessons, and you will make good progress.


The Standing Palms

Eight Trigram Circle Walking is the newest internal martial art. In less than a century it exploded into a diverse number of family styles, each with a dizzying array of forms. They all have one component in common, walking the circle in a fixed posture.

In the Earth Dragon Canon Method, we call these the Standing Palms. While they seem simple enough, they can be incredibly challenging, especially if you are inflexible, or lack aerobic fitness.

This section will grow and change over time, as I introduce more postures and changes to the standing  palms.

Circle Walking

Sun Style Baguazhang

The form and practice that forever changed the internal martial arts. Here are the ten changes of Sun Style Baguazhang. Simple efficient practice. 

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