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As an experienced WordPress and WooCommerce developer, I know the tools you need to make your website, landing page, or e-commerce initiative a success.

I offer the full e-commerce package for your business.

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Every Website has Unique Objectives

I use proven platforms, methods, and tools to meet the unique objectives of your website.

I have decades of experience making your product or service the focused purpose of your website.

I will guide you through a proven method, steer you clear of the hype, and keep you focused on the goal of a website that generates leads or income for your business.

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WordPress Expert

WordPress’s robust ecosystem makes it the premier tool for website development. I know WordPress’s content management tools and how to use them to maximize your websites purpose.

Less experienced developers resort to custom code and questionable plug-ins to deliver functions. My robust tool set means I can deliver in less time, with better security and less maintenance than comparable developers. 

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WooCommerce Specialist

WordPress’s best feature is the ability to transform a one-page business card website into a complete ecommerce platform. Configuring and populating a WooCommerce site is an intimidating process. I am here to help.

The biggest mistake you can make with your ecommerce platform is underestimating the amount of effort required and overestimating the feature set needed to make you a success. I know the Woo ecosystem and will guide through the process, or manage the store for you.

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Content Creation

Telling your story is not a thing, it’s a process. You must define a target audience, attract that audience to a place, and ask them to take action.

I have years of creative writing and copy editing experience, and use a proven method to cut through the digital marketing nonsense to get at the most important elements of your brand’s experience.

SEO and SEM are Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky of SEO and SEM

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not digital marketing. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not a magic solution.

SEO makes your website understandable to the bots crawling the internet for content to index. SEM is open to incredible amounts of fraud.

Privacy concerns have finally caught up to the hucksters taking your hard-earned cash with nebulous reports and statistics.

Before someone asks you to spend hundreds or thousands on a Google Ads account, or place a Facebook Pixel on your website, check with me. I will explain how fraudulent clicks are burning most of your advertising budget, and why those ad tracking numbers are wrong.

Ask for help. Request a quote.

Creative Content

Creative, Authoritative Content is the heart of your digital marketing and lead generation efforts. 

I have written four books, many short stories, and hundreds of articles for both print and web. 

Create engaging video, and animations to complete your creative content efforts.

A tree of mindfulness knowledge growing from a book.
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Creative Writing

Creative writing is my passion. My first effort about the mindfulness martial art of circle walking has earned income every month since its release in 2009. My science fiction efforts have yet to take off, but I keep churning out new chapters every month or two.

Story development is hard. When you are stuck and unable to kill your darlings, I am here to help. I use a time-tested method for checking my story’s progress and will guide you through the same process to find inspiration for your story. 

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Copy Writing

Digital marketing is a process that revolves around content. You must target your audience across multiple channels.

I have the experience and toolsets to accelerate your unique content. Written copy without graphic elements does not get attention. I know how to forge your text with the graphic design of your website or social media post to keep visitors engaged and eager to act.

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Copy Editing

Did you let the SEO Jabberwock fill your site with weak content? Passive verbs and repeated keywords are not engaging new customers or leads.

Editing for snap is my specialty. Finding the key phrase to highlight a product or service is more art and intuition than questionable analytics.

I use a time-tested and proven method to guide your next client to act, and it all starts with three simple questions. 

SEO and SEM are Jabberwocky
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Web and Social Media Video

While you are fretting over how you look or sound on video, some guy on YouTube has 17,000 followers who watch him shave every morning.

Don’t let your fear of creating a bad video stop you from creating any video. Video is now THE KEY to capturing an audience, and it does not have to be expensive.

I learned from my mistakes and will share you with you some simple tools and tips to getting good enough video. And if you are intimidated by the technology, and I can produce, edit, and submit the video for you. 

Ask for help. Request a quote.

About me

Troy Williams

When you Focus, It is Easy to Excel.

What I do

Author / Coder / Design
Mindfulness / Martial Arts

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Published The Fundamentals

A stranded alien must choose between returning his queen to their home world, or saving his human daughter from the invasion that will result.

Writing Science Fiction has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I tried many times, but responsibilities, divorce, and households emptied of joy marred my attempts to find the independence I needed to become a writer. American culture is fertile ground for such stories. My story spans thirty years before I sat down to finish my fist science fiction novel.

  • Writer

  • Editor

  • Print Design
  • Cover Design

2009 / Present

Web Designer, Developer

In my web development career I have proven to be a leader that helps organizations succeed in a competitive marketplace. I have adapted in a rapidly changing marketplace to successfully manage small and large teams.


Technical lead and software architect on a wide range of projects. I rolled a JavaScript framework when the original Angular was challenging for established browsers. It Leveraged an ES5 syntax, Require.js, and jQuery’s selector engine to reduce our development time. It made bug hunting a breeze and converted to the modern ES6 syntax. It looked a lot like Vue.js does today.

Throughout my career, I delivered projects on time and on budget while seeking constant improvement in processes and tools. I understand the importance of customer care after delivering the product, and my experience as a manager and team leader made me comfortable dealing with individuals at many levels in an organization.

In addition, to delivering projects I developed teams with hands on training and inspired senior executives to embrace new technology.

  • Software Architect

  • Technical Lead

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Copywriting

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