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Short Definition



tie rha

The elite caste of orhatea Tomo. A group of Tomo dedicated to restoring the Colony after the Amah’s extended absence. The Tira consists of five members, each representing an essential function of the Colony. These functions are represented by colored stones.

Black of the Amahtira

The black stone represents the old position of the Amah and the holder is considered the Amahtira, or Mother in Waiting. She is also leader of all Tomo activities.

Gray of the Comptroller

The gray stone represents all the sexless drones. The holder is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Colony. Including the reconstruction of the IBN.

Blue of Reproduction

The blue stone is the same color of orhatea eggs. It represents the hatching of sexless drones, and the creation of Tamo and Tomo to serve the Colony’s needs. The holder of this stone schedules mating between sexed orhatea as well.

Amber of Arotea

The amber stone is the color of arotea, the life source of orhatea power. Without arotea the sexed would not have their powers, and the drones would go hungry.

White of Commander

The white stone represents the male Tamo and the defense of the Colony. Whoever holds the white stone has ultimate authority over all Tamo, making this Tomo the second most powerful member of the Tira.

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