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The Explorers


tan soon

The tansoon are a humanoid, almost fey-like species. They range in height from 152 cm (5′) to 182 cm (6′) with a lithe body frame, an elongated head and a triangular face. Most alter their appearance to suit their mood, function, or current area of interest.

The tansoon are almost single-minded in their pursuit of creating a perfect, beautiful, harmonious world. They love to create art in any medium they can find or create. Their species name means Explorer, and they take this literally, focusing their activities on studying and exploring the world around them. When possible, they turn this study into stunning works that have little function, but deep meaning to their creator.

The tansoon believe in the individual’s independence, but they have a strict caste system that individuals must operate within if they are going to be accepted by the community and allowed their independence. Ostracized tansoon have few resources, and therefore few choices.

Tansoon technology is the heart of their civilization, and it revolves around two astounding creations: Namiashen and Orahi.

They base all the tansoon advancements on these two technologies, and a robust quantum network used for communications and as a backbone for their artificial intelligence system.

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