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The Protectors, or The Protected


rock shoon

The name of the rakshoon race comes from the belief that they were protected from an apocalyptic judgment rendered by the gods. Some of their earliest stories are of the sky becoming a bright field of white so that even the local star was not entirely visible during daylight hours, and there was no night. This lasted for many days, or turns, before it vanished as quickly as it came. (A supernova in 1604 was visible for three weeks on Earth).

The rakshoon believe that during this period all the stars in the sky were destroyed and rebuilt. While gods were punishing the surrounding worlds, Raksha protected them. He was not stronger, faster, or smarter than the other gods, but he was strong willed, and loved his children. The Akassh, or white sky, is both an apocalypse and a promise to the rakshoon.

See also: Ada, Dogo, and Raka.

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