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rock ah

Raka are the primary race of the rakshoon species. They are a burly humanoid creature that range in height from 150 cm (5′) to over 180 cm (6′). Their skin color ranges from dark to light orange and is covered in light hair that ranges from reddish brown in the young to dark gray in the older individuals. Like humans, hair on their heads grows faster and thicker than on their bodies, and they are very proud of styling thick hair and beards. Their faces are more piggish than human, with a wide flat nose and a large mouth that is framed by large lower canines or fangs. The males are proud of their fangs and often decorate them with jewelry that also decorates their beards. Their eyes are yellow or dark brown. The raka prefer light garments of linen or silk like material that is brightly colored with highlights of black.

Raka are an intelligent species that created an advanced civilization before the arrival of the tianshen. They were quick to adapt tianshen technology to their own. Raka society is driven by conflict between clans and families. They are a military society with a loose code of military conduct that influences most of their interactions. They are masters of strategy and tactics. The smartest raka are respected and often become priest of Raksha. The stronger and larger raka become political and military leaders.

See also: Rakshoon, Ada, and Dogo.