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dough go

The tianshen created the dogo to fight the orhatea. Mutated cousins of the rakas, the dogo never felt like they belonged, and have some shame at their cruel nature. You can still find a few dogos serving the tianshen in isolated communities.

The dogo are the largest of the rakshoon races. Standing 213 cm (7′) or taller, they are head and shoulders taller than the raka and cut a fearsome presence. Unlike their smaller cousins, the dogo’s body is covered in long course red-brown fur that provides protection in summer’s heat or winter’s cold. Instead of a flat nose and face, they have a short snout of a mouth, resembling that of a bear, or a pug dog. Like the raka, they have large canines that protrude from their snouts. Despite their large ears, dogo are scent driven with a powerful nose that can sense the smallest changes in scent, even over great distances.

Dogo males rarely stay with their families, preferring to mate, see the young born, and move on. The largest of the rakshoon races the dogo make terrifying fighters. The raka seek out male and female dogo to lead troops into battle, or on secretive missions of sabotage. Intelligent as their smaller cousins, some dogo seek position and power in raka society, but once gained they soon abandon it for another conquest.

See also: Rakshoon, Ada, and Raka.