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Short Definition

Half sized


odd da

The ada are small humanoids with a flat face, broad nose, pointed ears, and an enormous head. Their mouth has sharp fangs and can open to an impossible size. Their legs are short, making their arms appear long, hanging down past their ever bent knees. The ada move on all fours as quickly as they do in a normal gait.

The ada are master craftsmen, able to carve stone, work with wood, or metal or glass. Their only weakness is electronics and electronic devices.

They are slaves and fodder for the raka, the ada reproduce quickly, having four or five young with each birth. They grow quickly, but die young; few survive past their thirtieth birthday.

Ada tribes identify by eye, skin, and hair color which ranges from dull yellow to many shades of orange, and a deep shade of red. The ada grow tufts of hair on their heads and back lacking all other body hair. Since their hair is slow to grow, they do not cut it, and judge the age and status of other ada by the length of their back hair. Cutting an ada’s hair is shameful between ada and used as punishment by their masters.

See also: Rakshoon, Raka, and Dogo.